2006 Launch of Victims of Another War

The first public screening in the UK of the PACT documentary,Victims of Another War, took place before an invited audience at the Lewis Media Centre on May 15 in London. This powerful and acclaimed documentary tells the stories of three people, who were forcibly separated from one parent by the other when they were children.

Filmed by Professor Glenn Gebhard of Marymount University in California, and narrated by the distinguished British actor, Michael York, Victims of Another War is an unsparing exposure of the scars left on three adults by the trauma of parental child abduction.

The screening was followed by a lively debate, in which two of those featured in the film, Cecilia Finkelstein and Thomas Ryan, took part.

Pictured left to right: Thomas Ryan, Sarah Cecilia Finkelstein Waters, Lady Meyer and Professor Glenn Gebhard.