About Action Against Abduction

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“Our mission is to put an end to the tragedy of missing and abducted children and to campaign for fundamental improvements in child protection policies and practices”

A charity registered in the UK and US

Action Against Abduction (formerly PACT) is an international, non-profit organisation registered both in the UK and the US. Action Against Abduction was founded in 1999 by Lady (Catherine) Meyer, wife of Sir Christopher Meyer, the former British Ambassador to the United States.

Why we exist

Every year, hundreds of thousands of children around the world go missing or are abducted. In the UK alone, more than 140,000 children go missing every year. That is one child every five minutes.   Some of these children are forcibly separated from one parent by the other; some are abused, exploited or murdered; and others simply disappear, never to be found. Action Against Abduction (formerly PACT) was created to help end this tragedy.

Action Against Abduction devotes itself to campaigning and research. We work, firstly, to raise public awareness of the tragedy of missing and abducted children; and, secondly, to change for the better policies and practices, which are meant to protect children from abduction.

Action Against Abduction has been a driving force behind major changes in the UK, France and the USA.  We have published 5 major reports; several films; and raised awareness of the plight of missing and abducted children.  

You can watch our 1 minute film about our work (pact-online.org/films).

Stamping out parental child abduction across borders

Action Against Abduction has developed a particular expertise on parental child abduction across frontiers. We have successfully campaigned for more rigorous implementation of The Hague Convention on The Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction; pressed governments to act more vigorously on behalf of left-behind or victim parents; and organised seminars to improve understanding of this growing but little-known problem.

To help increase public awareness still further, we have produced a widely-distributed documentary (Victims of Another War) illuminating the emotional and psychological damage done to the abducted child. A sequel is now in production.

Though we are not a helpline, we have helped numerous parents find their way through the maze of bureaucracy and legal jargon.

Protecting our children

Since its foundation, Action Against Abduction has helped drive major changes to child protection policies in the UK, US and France.  For example, we successfully campaigned for the introduction into the UK of the Missing Kids Website (missingkids.co.uk) and of the Child Rescue Alert (childrescuealert.org.uk) as well as into France.  Both of these had proved their worth in the US in rescuing and retrieving abducted children.

In 2014 we secured government and police support for a Child Abduction Hub. (childabduction.org.uk)This will serve the public as an online national centre for the collection and dissemination of the latest information and data on all types of abduction.

We base our campaigning on meticulous and ground-breaking research into areas hitherto inadequately understood. Since 2005, we have published 5 well regarded reports into the phenomenon of the missing and abducted child in the UK.

Child Abduction Cases in Numbers

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