Action Against Abduction joins AMBER Alert Europe

Today, Action Against Abduction joined AMBER Alert Europe, an international not for profit organisation with 23 members (law enforcement, ministries & NGOs) in 16 countries. AMBER Alert Europe connects citizens with law enforcement when the police believe the public can help save the child’s life. It provides for training and cross-border coordination to law enforcement.

Both organisations will now work together to raise awareness and improve information on missing and abducted children. Recent studies by Action Against Abduction demonstrate the need to obtain accurate data on child abductions. These findings are confirmed by AMBER Alert Europe’s statistical report, which shows a lack of consistency across Europe in publishing missing children. “Both reports show that published figures are nowhere near the true extent of the problem. By joining forces we aim to shed more light on this issue”, says Geoff Newiss, Chief Executive of Action Against Abduction.

*Frank Hoen (Founder, AMBER Alert Europe), Geoff Newiss (CEO, Action Against Abduction)