It’s time to ditch ‘Stranger Danger’. We need your help today to make it happen.

We urgently need your support to help launch Clever Never Goes. Your donation will help us to produce teaching resources for schools, information for parents and a national promotion campaign. Please donate now, and sign-up to receive updates and your own Clever Never Goes information pack when it is ready.

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Most things have evolved since the 70s, and yet one of the fundamental ways we keep our children safe has not. ‘Stranger Danger’ doesn’t work: most strangers pose no threat to children, it’s not always strangers that try to harm children, and it creates unnecessary fear and suspicion.
Clever Never Goes is here – to provide a new, positive and re-assuring approach for parents, teachers and children and we are testing it in schools right now.

Hear from the people involved.

EVIDENCE: Want to know more about why ‘Stranger Danger’ doesn’t work?
Our Clever Never Goes teaching resource is currently in development.

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This is Clever. He’s going to be helping us teach children how to stay safe.

*Clever recognises when he feels safe, or even when he just feels a little unsure (hmmmm)

* Clever doesn’t get distracted by whether someone is a stranger or not. He knows the simple rule: Clever Never Goes – with anyone – unless it’s being arranged beforehand with a parent or carer. If someone asks him to go with them, he knows this isn’t right and it’s time for action.

* Clever knows what to do. To shout for help, run away and to tell a trusted adult if something does happen that upsets him.

Clever Never Goes
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