Research in 2015

2015 draws to an end with significant advances across a broad front. Action Against Abduction (formerly PACT), has once again been able to punch above its weight, thanks in large part to the steadfast and generous support of you, the backers, volunteer helpers and trustees.

We have always sought to underpin our mission to protect children from abduction with meticulous research issued over the years in a series of published reports. Thanks to our Research Director, Geoff Newiss, we were able to publish another report this year, which significantly advanced our knowledge of child abduction and child kidnapping in the UK. It was published last February and revealed a substantial increase in the incidence of these crimes. It was widely reported in the media and gave the Independent a front-page splash. . A follow-up report, summarising the latest data for 2014/15 and the reasons why police have recorded more offences, will be published in January.

Less dramatic, but equally important, was the launch of a joint initiative with the Home Office against child abduction and modern slavery. From 2015, all new UK passports will be issued with leaflets that will include a paragraph giving vital information, firstly, to parents on what to do if they fear that their child is at risk of being abducted and taken overseas; and, secondly, to anyone concerned at becoming a victim of slavery or trafficking.

Now is the time, when we really need to look to you for help. Please donate as little or as much as you can. Every £ you gives us will help.

Thank you and happy Christmas